How to add the ‘current’ class to your wordpress navigation

When I started wordpress development one of the first things ( of many ) that drove me crazy was how difficult it was to add a simple current state to my navigation. Here I will explain how to setup your template to highlight the current page you are viewing with jQuery.

First things first. We need to add jQuery to our template. Open up functions.php and add the following code to add jQuery to your template.

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My struggle with depression & how I got past it

People have asked me many times about my struggles with depression & ask me how I got through it. It is a hard thing to deal with when you feel you are forever bounded by depression & will not be able to get passed it. But you can & I did.

Those of you that known me more than the average reader will know that I suffer(ed?) from a little thing called depression. You might wonder why I questioned the word suffered in that sentence, this is because I will more than likely always have depression but I do not feel that I suffer from it anymore. For those of you that don’t know much about depression as a condition, it is not just when you have a bad day and feel like having a good cry. That is called having a bad day and I will not deny that those days are horrible. The leading cause of depression is the brains inability to correctly retain serotonin or produce it in the first place. This lack of serotonin is essentially what makes sufferers of depression such deep thinkers. I guess suffering from depression is like there is a gigantic black stain on the surface of every day and you are the only person that can see it. Its not a negative feeling but an intimidating one. 

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Work & Play have become the same thing

Over the last year or so the web industry has crafted a very unique working life style. Internet start-ups and young design companies are becoming increasingly popular. It seems like all of these new successful start-ups never seem to actually do any work and this is because they all work on a new type of workflow. And you should do to.

First thing you need to ask yourself is wether or not you truly love designing or developing. If either of these things seems like a chore to you then you are most likely in the wrong line of work. Once you have decided that you want to spend 90% of your time awake designing & developing things for the internet, you need to sort out your workspace. Gather up all the pieces of paper and crap on your desk and throw them out. You are a web designer , use your computer to organise stuff. Your desk should consist of no more than a clean surface, an external monitor, a tablet & maybe a notebook.

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How I got to where I am today & what I’ve learnt along the way

One thing I get asked a lot is how I got to have a full time job without having gone to university. I have learnt a huge amount in the last two years during my career and I thought I would share them with you guys.

I first want to state that in no way do I think I am a successful or consider myself to be at the top of stack. However, I do feel that I have learned a lot of lessons about working into the design industry which any aspiring designer would benefit from reading about.

I left school with no idea of what I wanted to become and no interest in going to college. I eventually decided on studying photography which was one of my favorite hobbies at the time. It was during this year that I discovered I wanted to be a graphic designer when I was assigned to create a website for our first exhibition.

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